of the European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES)
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Principal Doctoral / Post Doctoral Course
- 29
September 2018 / Bol, Island of Brac, Croatia
The 2018 Brac Bioprocess Engineering Course will be held on the Island of
Brac, Croatia in the Adriatic Sea. The last, held in 2016, was the 26
anniversary of
this long-running, highly successful series of courses and the next one will take
place from 23
to 29
September 2018 in Bol, the most beautiful place on Brac and
world famous for windsurfing, kiteboarding and diving.
It is organised under the auspices of Working Group on
Bioreactor Performance of European Society of Biochemi-
cal Engineering Sciences (ESBES). All of the lectures will
be given by internationally distinguished university teach-
ers or by leading experts from multinational companies.
This updated course covers the full spectrum of biopro-
cess engineering, from genetic concepts for microorgan-
isms used to produce pharmaceutical and other products
via microbial physiology, bioreaction kinetics, bioreactor
design and scale-up. The organisms considered range
from simple bacteria to highly specialised animal cell
cultures, recombinant organisms and stem cells. There is
also a strong coverage of measurement, control and
optimisation and how they interact with each other and
with the specific bioreaction of interest. Finally, there is a
broad-brush coverage of downstream processing.
The lectures are supplemented by computer-based
exercises, discussions and a Design Case Study.
Participants are also encouraged to bring posters of
their work with selected candidates being invited to
make short presentations (of approximately 5 minutes
duration), at the ‘Speakers’ Corner’.
Finally, there is a rich social programme, which ensures
that there are many opportunities to discuss the course
with the lecturers.
Finally, there is a rich social programme, which ensures
that there are many opportunities to discuss the course
with the lecturers.
The course is meant specifically for Ph.D.
students and experienced bioprocess engineers
and biotechnologists from research institutes,
universities and industry. Participants are expected
to have a background in chemical/biochemical
engineering, biotechnology, a biological science or
a related discipline. The lecturers are all acknowl-
edged specialists in their fields, so that the course
also provides a forum for highlighting recent
research in relevant areas.
European Bologna Studies System recognizes
5 Credits to the Certificates of BEC
More information
Prof. Dr. Marin Berovic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. Dr. Jochen Büchs, Aachen University, Germany
Prof. Dr. Chris Hewitt, Aston University, UK
Prof. Dr. Jakob Huusom, Technical University of Denmark
Dr. Marco Jenzsch, Roche Pharma Biotech, Penzberg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Andreas Lübbert, M.Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Ton van Maris, KTH Stockholm, Sweden
Prof. Dr. Alvin Nienow, University of Birmingham, UK
Prof. Dr. Henk Noorman, DSM Biotechnology Centre, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Matthias Reuss, Stuttgart University, Germany
Prof. Dr. Stuart Stocks, LEO Pharma A/S, Denmark
Prof. Dr. Luuk A.M van der Wielen, Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick, Ireland
Prof. Dr. John Woodley, Technical University of Denmark
There are MANY Good Reasons for Your Participation,
Therefore, Come and Join us in 2018 !